COVID-19 Safety + Sanitation Salon Guidelines Clients: PLEASE READ!

Hello Love+Light Family!

Here is a list of some of the most current Safety and Sanitization Guidelines that we must complete every day in the salon and in between each guest. It's important for you to feel both safe and confident in knowing we are all doing our part to follow each step. Our goal is to always keep you up to date with the latest information. As things are consistently changing daily, please be patient with us as we implement these new protocols and learn to adjust.

Client Protocol:

1. When you arrive for your appointment, please STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE and send us a text to let us know you have arrived. (774) 930-6969. Once the studio has been completely sanitized and disinfected, we will invite you to enter. You will receive a confirmation text when it is OK to enter the building. *This phone number is not monitored for daily salon activity and is specifically for the use of these notifications. All questions or concerns should be written to:

2. Only 1 Salon Professional and 1 Client will be permitted in the studio at a time; due to the 6ft social distancing requirement. Please ask that your friends and family members stay home at this time, as there will be no waiting area provided. Safety Gear MUST be worn by the Salon Professional and the client AT ALL TIMES.

3. All Common areas will be sanitized before the start of each day. In addition, bathrooms will be monitored and cleaned thoroughly throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be available on the shelf near the entry. All of the hallway waiting benches will be removed. Touch-less soap dispensers will be provided in the bathrooms. Safety and informational signs will be posted. Water fountains will be shut off, however we will have plenty of bottled water for our clients during their visit.

4. Love+Light Salon Studio will be fully sanitized and disinfected in between each client, including, but not limited to: chairs, shampoo area, countertops, color bowls and accessories, shelving, door handles, brushes, combs, protective gear, etc.

Again, we are doing our best to follow all guidelines that have been set forth and appreciate your patience and compliance with all the policies stated above. We want everyone to feel safe and secure, and we can't wait to see you for your next salon appointment very soon!

With Love+Light,


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