MAY 2020 COVID-19 Salon Update

Hello Love+Light Family!

It's your friendly neighborhood stylist here and I totally understand how life is continuing to be unpredictable each day. However, I'm happy to let you know that there is some good news to share - we have OFFICIALLY been given the O.K. to re-open our doors on May 21st, 2019! Here's the Basics:

1. We are now rescheduling all of our March and April appointments that had to be cancelled due to the shutdown. New appointments are now welcome as well; from both New Clients and Existing Clients alike. As usual, all salon appointments can be fully booked online, 24/7 for your convenience, here on our website under the "Book Now" Tab.

2. Because of the current health crisis, we will be waiving our Salon Cancellation Policy for the coming months. If you are not feeling well, we completely understand. Please stay home and stay safe. Make us aware that you are not feeling well or that you have be directly impacted by COVID-19. You can either send an email to:, or you can cancel your appointment online. Also, if I happen to show any symptoms I will notify everyone immediately.

*Please KEEP your appointment confirmation emails that you receive when you book your appointments online. You will need this email to cancel or reschedule your future appointments!

3. NEW SERVICES ALERT! Due to both the current financial crisis and the demand on social distancing, we have decided to add some fun new services to the salon menu! They are considered "Express" Services that will get you in and out of the salon in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.

Some New Services include:

Virtual Consultation $30

Hair Dusting + Blowout $60

Partial Root Retouch $75

Face Frame Highlight $125

4. We will be providing COVID-19 "Beauty Kits" to all clients upon entering the studios. They will be $5 each and will include a fresh face mask, a new pair of gloves, and a disposable cape. This will ensure the safety of all our guests during your their stay with us. Thank you for being open to this new normal and for joining us in this safety movement! Also, check out our upcoming blog post to stay informed about all the step-by-step precautions we will be taking to ensure salon sanitization at all times.

I'm so appreciative of all your patience in waiting for the salon to Re-Open. We will come back from this stronger than ever and ready to start fresh. Mark your calendars and get to booking! I can't wait to see you all!

With Love+Light,


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