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Pasta and Love Set includes daily essentials for a healthy beard. Our Softening Shave Gel, our Pre-shave and Beard Oil and our After Shave and Moisturizing Cream.

1 Pre-Shaving & Beard Oil 1.69 oz.
1 Softening Shave Gel 6.76 oz.
1 After Shave & Moisturizing Cream 3.38 oz.

Pasta & Love Men's Grooming Set

  • PASTA & LOVE Softening Shaving Gel: Soft and pleasantly scented skin. Formulated with gentle surfactants. 

    PASTA & LOVE Pre-shaving & Beard Oil: Double use: pre-shaving and for the beard, hydrating, softening and soothing action. Gives extra protection.

    PASTA & LOVE After Shave and Moisturizing Cream: Hydrating, protective and soothing action. Light non-greasy texture with Karité butter and Babassu butter.

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