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Reiki is a holistic Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and spiritual healing. 


"Rei" means higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness, 

and "Ki" means life energy.

Reiki, as a whole, is spiritually guided life energy.

Reiki is meant to resolve emotional distress by allowing healing energy to flow freely throughout the body, which results in relaxation, reduced pain, and ease of tension.

 It can also help reduce stress and anxiety, which can decrease pain perception as well.

We incorporate Chakra Crystals and Sound Therapy into select treatments to enhance the overall treatment experience.

Reiki Cleansing Treatment: 
*Offered as an add-odd on any service           
(15 mins)                                      $25

Reiki Deep Cleansing Treatment and Sound Therapy Experience:
*Includes a Conditioning Treatment and Blowout +Style
(60mins)                                      $95


Cut + Style

Signature Consultation                                          $25

Clarifying Treatment                                              $25

Shampoo+Blowout                                                  $50+

Brazilian Blowout                                                    $295+

Cezanne Keratin Treatment                                  $295+

Bang Trim                                                                 $25

Haircut + Blowout                                                   $95+

Clipper Cut                                                               $65+

Halo Couture "Halo" Extensions                           $340+





Herbal Hair Infusion                                               $25+

Premium Hair+Scalp Treatment                          $40+

Ultimate Spa Ritual                                                 $125+

Includes hair treatment, 30 minute head, scalp, and hand massage, finished with a Blowout+Style


Color + Texture

Beach Wave Perm                                          $195+

Hair Gloss/ Root Melt                                    $65+

Root Retouch                                                  $175+

All Over Color                                                 $195+

Face Frame/ Mini Highlight                         $225+

Partial Foil: Highlights or Babylights         $265+

Full Foil: Highlights or Babylights              $295+

Freehand Painting:

Balayage/Foliyage/Ombre                            $295+

All Color Services Above Include:

  • Our Love+Light Signature Consultation 

  • Hair Gloss

  • Meditative Shampoo Experience

  • Healing Hair Infusion Treatment

  • Blowout & Style

*Please note: Additional charges may apply based on hair density, texture, length, and/or processing time. Color Results cannot be guaranteed if maintained with products purchased outside of our salon recomendations and in-salon assortment.

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